Bass Guitar Lessons

Looking for an experienced in-person or online bass guitar coach? Interested in really getting good at playing the bass guitar? Want to improve your bass guitar skills? If you said yes… get in touch with Robert Jones and learn from a great bass guitar instructor.

Robert Jones is a bass guitar teacher based in Santa Rosa, CA who has been teaching bass guitar and guitar since 1991. Robert became a musician at a young age and more recently has become a popular bass guitar and guitar teacher. To understand why, just read some of the testimonials that Robert’s students have written.

Now is a great time to have Robert teach you bass lessons. Kids, Teens, and Adults can learn bass guitar skills at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels from an experienced and very patient teacher.

Still not sure? Just call Robert for a FREE consultation. Are you a real beginner? Robert can help you find the right kind of bass guitar based on your musical preferences and find an instrument that’s comfortable for you to play.

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